September 8, 2003

I've had an account at LiveJournal for the past month, and I'm posting all my thoughts and stuff over there now. Just in case people actually look at this page and wonder why it never changes... :)

June 25, 2003

Oh. My. God.

I can easily say one of the best nights I've had in a long time, and as usual, I have my wonderful husband to thank.

We left our hotel at 4pm, figuring the doors were supposed to open for the Special Audience at 5:30 so we had plenty of time. We arrived at the Liquid Room around 4:30, and there was already a queue of about a dozen people, so after some hemming and hawing about "do you want to get a drink or eat first/no I'm not hungry," we ended up joining the line, which is probably the smartest thing we did all night.

Just a few minutes later, a white van pulled up and the woman driving it spent the next 15 minutes trying to get it parked. Now, Craig and I were situated directly in front of Anderson's Close, which ran alongside the club. For everyone who hasn't been to Scotland/Edinburgh, these closes are kind of like alleys connecting streets, and as Edinburgh is quite hilly, many of them are in effect just long narrow stairwells. Anderson's was not staired, but it was very steep as well as cobbled, and we learned as the van was parking, that the back door of the club was situated at the bottom of the close.

Steve came out, dressed in a very worn black leather jacket, shades, and black combat pants, and approached the van, which, it turns out, has all the gear on it. For the first trip into the club, it was just the two women lugging stuff, and then the rest of the band emerged---Charlie, Kevin, and Aaron dressed in kilts, and James in jeans. We were actually the ones who were effectively blocking the close, so every time anybody came in or out of it, we had to move out of their way. Craig actually spoke to James for the first time at this point, because James paused, still standing in the close before people in the line could see him, his eyes narrowed as he scanned the street looking for the van. He couldn't see it where he was---it was across the street and to his left, with the rear of the vehicle and the other guys obscured from view---so Craig got James' attention, stepped aside, and pointed it out to him. He got a "Thanks, man," and a smile in response, but as soon as James stepped out from the protection of the close, the poor guy got approached right away---first by two guys who were trying to get him to sign a Spike poster (which he effectively and politely rebuffed by saying the night was about the band and not him), and then by two young women squealing and shrieking for his picture/attention. I'm glad to say everyone else in the line was well-behaved and respectful enough to let the guy work.

As the guys disappeared with their first loads, Craig leapt to help one woman who was struggling with a huge case all on her own, and ended up helping the band manage the gear down the steep close and into the club, and also lifting stuff up off the road and onto the sidewalk. Charlie and the others wearing kilts changed into jeans after the first load; I guess lugging the gear wasn't as easy in kilts as they thought. Charlie looked really tired, and while they were moving a case together, Craig asked him if he was all right, and he confirmed that he was really out of it. Poor guy.

A bit after 5:30, everyone who was attending the Special Audience was asked to step to the other side of the club doors, but we didn't end up going in until after 6pm as they were running behind doing the sound check for the support band. Two bits of trivia I found amusing: 1) I found out that I had actually purchased the very first 2 SA tickets after they went on sale (how sad does that make me?), and 2) as we approached/passed the second security check (a guy looking at ID to ensure you were over 18, he started to reach for my passport only to stop, look at me kind of sideways for a minute, and then laugh, saying, "You almost had me there. Guess I'm gonna trust you." Needless to say, as someone who turns 34 next month, I was higher than a kite as I went into the club; seeing the band and interacting vicariously through Craig with them, as well as have someone think I look younger than I am? It was a great start to a great evening...

Going into the club, we got a goody bag which was a signed picture of the band, a souvenir ticket (as we had to use the confirmation e-mail as our ticket to get in), a lollipop, and some flyers regarding the gig and Common Rotation. We also got a slip of paper to write down a question for the band if we had one. We went in, sat down, wrote out our questions and handed them in. We were kind of worried that it was going to be really short because of the late start, but luckily, they started very quickly after we were all seated.

The band came out, all dressed in kilts except for Steve, and sat up on stools up on the stage. Craig and I tried to get pictures, but the guys were backlit and from where we were sitting, the lights were shining directly at us so almost all the pictures we tried are of bodies and these glowing heads. I do think 1 or 2 them actually turned out enough to see that they're in kilts and who's talking, but they're not the greatest quality.

James had the stack of questions in his hand, but he started out by saying they wanted the Q&A to be about the band and not his "other" job, and if we (the audience) could be good about it, he'd rather just take the questions directly from the audience. At that point, Craig---my heckler husband---shouted out in his most put-on surprised voice, "You have another job?" Everyone burst out into laughter, including James, and he pointed to Craig with a smile and said something along the lines of "thank" and "bless you, man."

OK, I'm going to admit here and now that my memories of the Q&A are sketchy at best. First of all, I was floating already from the excitement of what I'd already seen. Secondly, my incredibly assertive husband had already demonstrated that he had no problems in being heckler so I was nervous as hell as to what he was going to pull. The man has no fear, which balances us out quite nicely because I'm full of the stuff. Thirdly, I didn't take notes during the Q&A like I did during the actual show, so I'm pulling these things out as I remember them.

Someone started off right away giving them gifts; I found out later that it was Kirsten, the woman who'd organized the kilt giveaway which I had contributed to. They didn't go through the bags then, but were excited about looking at them backstage. Someone called out to them at this point about the fact that they were wearing kilts, and James launched into this whole discussion on why kilts were invented in the first place. As soon as he started talking about Scottish fighters not being able to move around in pants because their swords kept getting in the way, my smart aleck husband opened his mouth again and shouted out, "We don't have that euphemism over here." It got a huge laugh from the audience, but unfortunately, James didn't hear him and frowned, asking him to repeat what he said, then after hearing it again (by which time it was no longer funny) said, "Well, what do you call them then?" He didn't get that Craig was in fact not referring to the metal swords, but to *ahem* other male appendages, and even the young guys sitting next to him going "Wieners," didn't get it through to him. So needless to say, I was on pins and needles, fearful of what Craig was going to say next.

Steve said he wasn't wearing his kilt because he was being a rebel and Kevin commented on how non-restrictive it was wearing it, although he wasn't sure how to sit.

They were asked what was currently in their CD players, which sparked a whole conversation on how Steve just found out that his Suburban had gotten smashed by a drunk driver because the friend he'd loaned it to left it parked on a main road. He concluded that he wasn't sure what was in his car anymore. James said Norah Jones; he just couldn't stop listening to her. I don't remember what Aaron or Kevin said; Charlie made some quip about whatever being in his CD player was exactly what he'd been listening to prior to leaving California. And then Steve came back with the fact that he was listening to the soundtrack of The Pianist on his Walkman, if that counted.

Craig raised his hand quite early and asked them the question he'd written out; how would they know as a band when they were successful, meaning what did they think of success as. James started out by saying that he already thought of them as successful because they were true to themselves artistically and if people weren't in the business for that reason, then they needed to get the f*ck out. He then ducked his head, doing that shy thing he does, and apologized for the swearing, glancing sideways at the other guys as he did so (apparently they get on his case all the time about his swearing).

The guys were asked about what their first album ever was. Steve said Shaun Cassidy, and that it had been bought for him by Charlie's mom as a guilt thing because she lost him in a store; Charlie said it was Weird Al Yankovic's Food album; Aaron started off saying Weird Al, but then changed it to something else, I think Metallica? And I really can't remember what Kevin or James said on that.

There was a stranded on a desert island question about what one thing would they like with them. Steve said a Steinway and James gave him a hard time about it, saying if he was going to have that, why didn't he just have a boat? James then went on to say he'd have a guitar. Aaron said he'd have a gun, and then Charlie came in right after and said he'd have the clip.

That desert island question sequed into the funniest part of the Q&A. They were then asked if they were forced to eat one of the others for survival, who would it be? There was a long silence, and then James said that they were all such nice guys, they'd probably all volunteer, or find ways of eating themselves without actually dying, like "Here's my big toe for supper, man" kind of stuff. At that point, Kevin piped in with, "They'd probably find some way of tricking me into being eaten," (which the guys all agreed with very quickly, I definitely got the impression that Kevin is the most gullible/innocent of the bunch) which started this whole long thing on different ways of fooling Kevin. "This water cools down, doesn't it?" and "Kevin, you are feeling very sleepy." and "You only need one leg, don't you know that?" Everybody was rolling by the time they were done.

Someone asked who Valerie was and Steve said there really was a Valerie from when he was in college, but the song was actually about 3 girls rolled into one. For some reason, he and James got onto asking the girl what her name was (it was Natalie, I think) and they made a big deal about how pretty it was.

There was a question about what kind of instrument would they be. Charlie said a kazoo because nobody takes it seriously (which James thought was profound), Aaron said a vocal cord, Kevin said a guitar, and Steve said a Steinway (not an upright, for some reason he made that distinction very clear and you so don't want to know where my mind went). James said that he would be a guitar and started on this whole explanation on how the bottom of the guitar was woman shaped, all curves, and the top half is very masculine for numerous reasons. Kevin totally didn't get what he was talking about, and James started going into a more graphic description, using his hands to illustrate his points, and the poor kid just kept getting redder and redder until James finally laughed and said Kevin was probably going to have to go and wash his bass now because of all the implications that were now going through his head. It was hysterically funny.

A question was raised on whether the guys found the generation gap a problem within the band. James said no, not at all, at which point Charlie jumped in with, "Yeah, we kind of make James and Steve act a little more grown-up." Another funny from Charlie.

They were asked if they actually got to do anything when they were on tour, and unfortunately, they don't usually, although they commented that they had gotten to see Edinburgh Castle (although they probably meant from a distance---you really can't miss it---as I heard that they were really late getting into the city). They commented on how beautiful Edinburgh is (which it really is, one of my favorite British places), and how bad America is at preserving its heritage in comparison.

As soon as the Special Audience was over, I went up and got a spot right against the stage, directly in front of where Kevin stands, with Steve to my left and James slightly to my right. It was a 4-foot stage, with an overhang where we could stow our bags during the show, and I was joking with the woman to my left that from our angle, being forced to look up as we would have to do, that we could quite feasibly test the commando theory with James if he actually wore the kilt. While we were waiting, I met Kirsten, who had organized and done the legwork getting the band kilts, and found out she’d actually delivered the kilts earlier that day, only to find that James’ was too small and she had to go out and get a replacement.

I liked the support band, Strand, so much better than Pnevma, but Craig complained later that though they were good, they were a bit hard for his taste. Oh well. To each his own.

In between acts, I started to panic slightly because the woman to my right lit up a cigarette and I was afraid I’d end the night with my lungs on fire because of the smoke. I got saved by Charlie. He came out to screams and fanfare, and started speaking into the mic. It quieted a bit, he paused, and asked, “Can you hear me?” Someone from the back shouted no, to which Charlie responded, “Well, then, how’d you hear me ask if you could hear me?” He then went on to request people to refrain from smoking during the show as it bothered him. Yay for Charlie!

Kevin and Steve came out and helped with the set-up. Kevin had the set lists and before he placed them, he knelt down and told the woman to my left that she could have first dibs on his copy after the show (because of where she was standing). I don’t know if she actually got it, but it pretty much confirmed what I’d already decided from Craig’s interaction with him during the unloading and the Q&A; Kevin is a nice, nice young man, and incredibly sweet.

As the show was about to start, Aaron, Charlie, and Kevin came out onstage first, all dressed in their kilts, and all I could think was, it’s a good thing Aaron is pretty much hidden at the back behind his drums because straddling those drums in a kilt could prove quite embarrassing if he were more on display. They launched into “Liar” and then Steve and James came out, sans kilts unfortunately.

I think I’ve been spoiled forever in watching James sing live. Being in the front meant being in James’ line of sight, and I got my first jolt of what it feels like when he looks at you during “Liar.” He’s singing, and he meets your eyes, and he holds them for what seems like forever but in actuality is probably only fifteen or twenty seconds. But in that small sliver of time, he doesn’t blink; the world tunnels around you and every emotion he’s putting into his performance is just hanging there in the air, crackling and pitching until he finally looks away, and you find yourself waiting for the next time.

Well…that’s the way it was for me.

I could be biased.

After “Liar,” it was “Mad Brilliant” (my personal fave) and then “Valerie.” James scolded himself for being a bad frontman for failing to introduce everyone and then went and did so. Next up was “Blocking Brainwaves” and “Dangerous.” During one of these (I’m not sure which, my handwriting on my notes got progressively worse as the night went on), James did the most incredibly sexy stretch during an instrumental section, clasping his hands over his head and arching his back, and I officially turned into a big pile of goo at that point. Just…yum.

Between BB and “Dangerous,” James saw Craig standing behind me and did another one of his little pointing-the-finger at him things and said, “Thank you,” again. The man is definitely the grateful sort.

The new song “Katie” was next and I have to admit to really liking this one. Charlie came around to my side of the stage to do the keyboards for it, and Steve had fun during this number by flipping up the back of Charlie’s kilt as he would be playing. So, yes, I can confirm that young Mr. Demars does not go commando.

The mood came down a bit for the next two songs as James brought out his guitar and sang his new ones, "Long Time" and "Over Now." Both very nice, as usual.

The lollipop came out during the next song, "Call 911." As soon as I saw it, I turned around and said to Craig, "You are getting pictures of this." And he did. God, I love that man.

The lollipop got major play as James wet his whistle during the next few songs. After “Call 911,” they launched directly into “David Letterman” with everyone singing along (or at least it sounded like everyone to me). James then introduced “New Man” as the next number, giving the usual spiel about Steve writing it in Paris last year, when either Steve or Kevin (I’m not sure which, my writing is fuzzy at this point and my mind such a whirl that I can’t tell you for sure who it was) came over and corrected him. Turns out that “Goodbye” was the next on the playlist and James got all embarrassed for mucking it up. “New Man” came right after, and then they ended with “German Jew.”

The guys left the stage amidst lots of screaming and clapping, and it was at this point that my only real negative experience of the night occurred. There were a group of very young girls right in the center of the audience about 2 or 3 rows of people back. They had been at James all night, trying to get him to give them his guitar pick, the lollipop, pretty much anything. Well, as soon as the band left the stage, one of them---she couldn’t have been more than 16, decided she wanted my spot at the stage and did everything in her power outside of picking me up and moving me to get me out of there. She even kicked me in the shins hoping I’d stumble. Little bitca. Needless to say, it didn’t work. My feet were planted and I wasn’t budging.

The guys came out for an encore and did “Vehicles Shock Me.” James ended up passing down his half-done lollipop to some girl in the middle at the end and then left the stage. And that was the end of the concert portion of the night.

I stayed up at the stage to hang out on the off-chance the guys would come out, and Craig went to go get us some drinks from the bar as we’d not moved since the show started. Fairly quickly, Steve came out and somebody asked him to sign their CD. Craig was back by that point so he took my single of “David Letterman” (which has Mefiant on it that Steve wrote and is my favorite song), and handed it to him to be signed as well. Huge advantage that Craig is tall and can reach over everyone’s heads.

Kevin was the next one out, and Craig did the same thing, handing him my “Mad Brilliant” CD to sign. Kevin looked at him and lit up, recognizing him from outside, and said, “What’s your name again, man?” Craig gestured to me and said to make it out to me, but I tried begging off as it was very loud in the club still and I didn’t want Kevin to go to the hassle of trying to futz with my name. He was insistent, though, and so I gave in, spelling it out for him over the din. When I got the CD back, I saw that he’d still managed to misspell it---bless his sweet little heart---but as he thought I’d said “e” instead of “d” for the last letter of my name and his handwriting was so bad anyway, I just kind of drew a line in it to make it look right. Such a cute kid.

It was then that we saw James had come out of the back and was hanging around the stairs that led to the back of the stage, so Craig grabbed my hand and began pulling me around so that I could get James to sign my CD as well. Most people hadn’t seen James come out, probably helped by the facts that he was tucked away and he’d changed from the bright yellow shirt he’d worn for the show into a black tee. There were about a dozen people or so crammed into the tiny space ahead of me, and one of James’ guys immediately tried organizing it better so that we were semi-lined up, using his own body to protect anyone from getting into full body contact with James. The crowd moved fairly quickly and we were up to him in about 5 minutes.

I said hi, smiled, and handed him my CD. I started to hand him the pen I had ready because I wasn’t sure what he was using, but he just smiled and held up the black sharpie he had, saying he was set. He hadn’t seen Craig at this point, I don’t think, because Craig was just hanging back, so James started the polite banter I’d heard him give everyone else thanking them for coming to the show. I laughed and explained it was my third one, that I’d seen him in London. As soon as I mentioned Scala, James stopped writing and looked up at me all panic-stricken. “I’m so sorry,” he said, and then went on to say about how crap the sound system was at Scala and how off they’d been, and how Edinburgh had been the best show yet of the tour (of the 3 I’ve seen, I’d most definitely agree). He was so honestly contrite and dismayed that I’d seen Scala, in spite of my protestations to the contrary, that it just made me like him all the more. He finished signing and I asked him if it would be all right if my husband got a picture of the two of us, gesturing back to Craig. James looked up and immediately brightened even more, saying his “hey, man!” and “sure” with just so much enthusiasm. Craig snapped the first picture and when I pulled away, James pointed to Craig and asked, “So, come on, let’s get one with you too.” My wonderful husband at that point just shook his head with a smile, and said he was fine, but would it be all right for me to get a second picture instead? James just erupted into laughter and said to him through it, “Man, you are soooooo going to get laid tonight!” And yes, the emphasis on the “so” and the explanation point pretty much are exemplary of his intonation.

I was laughing so hard at him actually saying this out loud---it sounded like such a guy thing to share and just made James seem all that much more real. I looked back at him, waiting for him to stop so that we could do the second picture at which point Craig volunteered, “Can she get a kiss this time?” Although this was something I’d been teasing my husband about wanting, I would never in a million years have worked up the nerve to ask for myself, so I was shocked as hell that he had, turning to look at him as if to say, “I can’t believe you just said that.” Of course, at that moment, James leans in and kisses my cheek, and Craig snaps the picture. Hence, the stunned look in my eyes in my second picture with James.

Wonderful kiss, though. I just remember thinking, “ohmigod, this is actually happening”, and “ohmigod, his lips are so soft.” Shallow, I know.

I thanked him for being real, and started walking away, knowing I’m done now, but James grabbed Craig before he could leave and shook his hand, clapping his other hand on Craig’s shoulder as he thanked him---yet again---for helping out. He went on to comment that Craig couldn’t know how pleased they were to see him there; the band knew they could rely on the girls to show up, but when guys came as well and were obviously rocking out with them, that made it even better for the band because they knew they were doing something right (Craig knows all the words to the songs as I do, and though I didn’t see him for most of the show as he was behind me, I just know he was singing along because that’s what he does in the car; I’m sure James saw him doing this).

Craig got shuffled away at this point by James’ handler, trying to keep the line moving, and we went to get Aaron’s signature on the CD as he was now out signing as well. Charlie wasn’t; he was too busy breaking down the gear and packing it up, but it doesn’t surprise me; the guy was knackered.

James only signed and did photos for about another 5 minutes before he stopped, saying he had to help pack up as an excuse, and everyone started getting kicked out of the club. Craig decided he wanted to help some more but the club manager didn’t recognize him as having helped earlier, so my determined hubby grabbed my hand to drag me outside; he figured he’d just meet them at the back door. Well, we got outside to find the close completely blocked by all the girls trying to get at the guys coming out, so Craig starts bolting around the block as they have moved the van to the rear in order to load it (I’m sure they didn’t fancy having to drag all that gear up that steep hill in the close). I had to run to keep up with him, but by the time we got there, James had already left and the van was packed. Rather than look like stalkers (as I have to admit to feeling slightly at that point; Craig can be very determined once he gets an idea into his head), we stepped away from the group that had congregated at the gear van to discuss what we were going to do now. As we were doing so, Aaron came out, saw Craig and immediately came up to thank him for helping earlier. We ended up having about a 5-minute conversation with him, as we commented about going to DragonCon, which prompted a whole discussion about where we were from (and silly me said near London when he meant where in the US was I from because it’s pretty obvious I’m not a native). We got interrupted when the manager came out and told Aaron that the van to take them back was here and he had to get a move on.

And that was my night. Well, as much as you’re going to hear anyway…I’ll let you decide for yourselves if James’ little prediction came true or not…

I’ve come away from this with a whole new appreciation for the younger guys in the band. Before, I’ll admit, I hadn’t paid a whole lot of attention to anything but their music, but I’ve got to say that Kevin and Aaron especially are really, really nice and sweet guys, and I’m beginning to re-evaluate the whole technically-I’m-old-enough-to-be-their-mother thing.

And of course, James. I have to say, I went into this night kind of hoping that some of my James adoration would wane after seeing him up close and personal, you know, maybe dull the shine just a little bit. The complete opposite happened. Maybe it was because I saw him and the others through Craig’s eyes (who was just chuffed to bits about being a roadie, albeit temporarily, and I’m convinced he’s a bigger fan of the band and James after this; I kept telling him when we exited the club that I’d had more happen than I ever expected and we could just go but he would have none of it). They were just so damn real. And nice. Really, really nice.

And did I mention just lickably pretty?

But real, that was the important thing. Genuine in a way I’d read about but was sure I’d see through as part of the “act” or “being on.” I’ve always considered myself fairly intuitive, and my first impressions are usually spot on, and it’s mildly disconcerting to see him in such a light. But in a good way.

And now I sooo can’t wait for DragonCon…


June 15, 2003

Hey everyone...

Well, I've done it. I've finally managed to see Ghost of the Robot live. I've been waiting forever for this and it still seems a little surreal.

We got an early start and actually got the kids dropped off early enough to hit the mall and look for something else for me to wear to the concert instead of what I had picked out. I found the most gorgeous pair of jeans with butterflies and flowers on them, so got those as a treat to wear to the show.

We had a nice day in London and I met i_digress from CW for lunch which was fun. We showed up at the Garage early so that I could pick up the extra ticket we had bought for our friend so that he could join us, and then spent the next hour and a half at the pub across the street (the Famous Cock, and yes, that’s its actual name). We ended up getting in line for the concert about 7:15 with the doors opening at 8pm. The scalpers were out in full force; there was a pair of young girls ahead of us in line who paid £90 for their two tickets, almost three times what we paid for ours. I felt so bad for them but they were OK with it, so I kept my mouth shut. Craig was actually considering selling them his and Tim’s tickets just to get back at the scalpers, but decided against it.

The opening band was called Pnevma and were…loud. The lead singer looked like Uncle Sam on crack. Top hat, crazy white hair (it was probably blond but looked white under the lights), and goatee. Have to say that Craig and I really didn’t like them, but our friend did, so go figure.

Everyone but James came out to help with the set-up and the audience was going mad. Steve was laughing and joking with everyone, but I couldn’t hear what was being said as we were back a little ways from the stage, probably about 20 feet. The club wasn’t that big, and I had worn boots to be a little taller (big mistake, my feet got so swollen that at least twice during the night I lost feeling in my toes; is that a sign of old age?), but it was still impossible to see anything below chest level on the guys from where we were standing. When they were done setting up, everyone went off, leaving the stage bare for a few minutes before they came out one at a time---Kevin first, then Aaron carrying a British flag, then Charlie, then Steve, and finally James.

I’ll be honest, I can’t remember too much the order of the songs. They did a good number off Mad Brilliant (when they did the title song, it was absolutely amazing), as well as the new ones, Over Now, Katie, New Man 8000 (they were joking about what it was called, bandying around numbers before James finally said 8000), and one I didn’t catch the title of. James’ vocals were often drowned out by the rest of the band, but overall, I would still say it was a great show. The man has sooooo much energy when he’s on stage; he just doesn’t stop moving. Well, except for when he got the guitar out to play Angel. He calmed down quite a bit for that.

And let me tell you, the man looked absolutely gorgeous. He wore a dark Ghost of the Robot t-shirt as a self-promotion thing, and his hair is growing out just nicely. Pretty roots. Have I mentioned how much I like the half grown-out look? His hair from Lessons is still my favorite. And those arms…god…I could go on forever about the arms. Absolutely scrummy. At one point, someone in the audience yelled for him to take off his shirt, and he turned it around by shouting over to Steve, “Steve, take it off!” I think the crowd would’ve been just as happy having Steve do it as James. The club was incredibly hot, something James commented on at least once by asking if there was anyone in the place who was actually dry (pretty much not anyone was; it was an oven in there), and in response to comments from the front which sounded like he could take some clothes off if he was so hot, James laughed and just said, “No, but anyone out there is welcome to do it.”

The energy the band has live is amazing. While I have to admit to not being too crazy about the club (there was lots of smoking and as someone with sensitive lungs, my chest did not react well), the guys made the best of it, and the place was hopping. My whole body was just thrumming away for most of the show and I found it impossible not to move to it. I can’t wait for the show on Thursday night.

Craig got some pictures from the show, and I do have some of them up for people to see. We weren't terribly close to the stage so the ones that are quite grainy are when Craig tried using the zoom to get in closer. The clearer ones of Steve and James are from the end of the show when I was in the back buying tickets for the gig on the 25th and Craig went up to the far left of the stage to try and get some last shots. We've already decided we're not going to knock ourselves out on Thursday when we see them at Scala; we have tickets for the Special Audience in Edinburgh and will be able to be right up in the front for the show, as well as get pictures during the SA itself, so no more trying to forget I'm only 5'2" and everyone in front of me is 6'0". Thank God Craig is tall...