1:One Night As I Did Wander 2: The Rights of Woman 3: Over the Sea and Far Away
4: Come, Let Me Take Thee to My Breast 5: Up in the Morning Early 6: Duncan Davison
7: Love in the Guise of Friendship 8: Here's to Thy Health 9: Yon Wild Mossy Mountains
10: What Can a Lassie Do with an Old Man 11: Fickle Fortune 12: Death and Doctor Hornbrook
13: Fragment of Song 14: The Winter It Is Past 15: I Do Confess Thou Art So Fair
16: The Day Returns 17: Open the Door to Me 18: Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation
19: My Highland Lassie 20: A Rosebud by My Early Walk 21: Inscription
22: Blythe Have I Been on Yon Hill 23: Let Not Woman E'er Complain 24: My Heart's in the Highlands
25: Braving Angry Winter's Storms 26: Behold the Hour, the Boat Arrive 27: Sensibility How Charming
28: Good Ale Keeps the Heart Above 29: As I Came O'er the Cairney Mount 30: The Lover's Morning Salute to His Mistress
31: Had I a Cave 32: Talk of Him That's Far Away 33: News, Lasses, News
34: In the Prospect of Death 35: Epigram on Rough Roads 36: She Says She Loves Me Best of All
37: Thine Am I, My Faithful Fair 38: A Man's a Man for All That 39: A Bottle and Friend
40: O Let Me in This One Night 41: The Soldier's Return 42: Deluded Swain, the Pleasure
43: Tho' Cruel Fate Should Bid Us Part 44: O Thou Dread Power 45: My Native Land So Far Away
46: No Churchman Am I 47: Under the Pressure of Violent Anguish 48: O, Lay Thy Life in Mine, Lass
49: On a Bank of Flowers 50: One Fond Kiss and Then We Sever 51: Farewell, Thou Stream
52: A Red, Red Rose

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