Current Nominations:

1: To Thee, I Send This 2: With Golden Quill and Precious Phrase 3: The Crow or Dove
4: These Curious Days 5: Do I Not Think on Thee 6: Where All Men Ride
7: Doth Prepare the Cup 8: All Those Friends Which I Thought Buried 9: My Weary Travel's End
10: The Course of Altering Things 11: Quenched in a Cool Well 12: Play the Mother's Part
13: Truth Needs No Color 14: In the Main of Light 15: Love Is My Sin
16: When Clouds Do Blot the Heaven 17: Mad in Pursuit 18: Slight Air and Purging Fire
19: For Whose Dear Love I Rise and Fall 20: I Have Looked on Truth Askance 21: The Imprison'd Absence of Your Liberty
22: Yet We Must Not Be Foes 23: Blame Me Not 24: The Voice of Souls
25: The Living Record of Your Memory 26: To Play the Watchman 27: She That Makes Me Sin
28: Tomb'd with Thee 29: Blunting the Fine Point 30: All Bonds Do Tie
31: The Painful Warrior Famoused for Fight 32: Power to Hurt 33: Give Them Thy Fingers
34: Brief Hours and Weeks 35: Of the Seasons Have I Seen 36: See Thy Blood Warm
37: Maiden Virtue Rudely Strumpeted 38: The Cause of This Fair Gift 39: Eve's Apple
40: Call Not Me to Justify the Wrong 41: Millions of Strange Shadows 42: Steal Men's Eyes
43: When Hours Have Drain'd His Blood 44: Him Have I Lost 45: Against Myself I'll Fight
46: Ladies Dead and Lovely Knights 47: The Long-Lived Phoenix 48: Winter's Ragged Hand
49: The Prey of Worms 50: The Defendant Doth That Plea Deny 51: More Worthy I to Be
52: Renew Thy Force 53: In Dead Night 54: Our Brains Beguiled
55: Minion of Her Pleasure 56: Thy Scythe and Thee 57: Some Child of Yours
58: His Tender Heir 59: The Lesson True 60: The World Without End Hour
61: A Glorious Morning Have I Seen


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