Current Nominations:

1: Pent in Walls of Glass 2: Beguile the World 3: In Dreams, They Look On Thee
4: For My Name Is Will 5: Come Daily to the Banks 6: The Benefit of Rest
7: A Willing Patient 8: Art Made Tongue-Tied by Authority 9: The Likeness of a Man
10: Toward Thee I'll Run 11: Mistress of My Passion 12: Fears to Hopes, and Hopes to Fears
13: That Which Is Hath Been Before 14: He That Writes of You 15: The Fairest and Most Precious Jewel
16: So Far from Home 17: Some Say Thy Fault Is Youth 18: The Keen Teeth from the Fierce Tiger's Jaws
19: The Story of Thy Days 20: Hush the Night 21: Time's Fickle Glass
22: As Any Mother's Child 23: For All My Vows Are Oaths 24: Slay Me Not
25: Kiss Me, Be Kind 26: Give Me Welcome 27: Against This Coming End, You Should Prepare
28: Whereof Are You Made 29: A Poet's Rage 30: To Hear Her Speak
31: All Kinds of Blood 32: When I of You Do Write 33: To Make of Monsters
34: The Center of My Sinful Earth 35: What We See Doth Lie 36: From You Have I Been Absent
37: Make War Upon This Bloody Tyrant 38: Heavenly Alchemy 39: Time Will Come and Take My Love Away
40: The Fools of Time 41: The Wreckful Siege of Battering Days 42: I Could Not Love You Dearer


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