Just a few of my favorites stories. Although they are mostly Buffy/Spike, there are other pairings in the mix, and even some without a pairing.



Ichnobate: An angsty alternate Season 7, written in a gripping, articulate style that hooks you from its opening sentences. Rich in detail and tone, this is one of the few angst WIP's I bother following. B/S. Rated NC-17.


Never Leave Me: I'm a sucker for William fics. Especially William/Buffy fics. This one posits that Spike's trigger was a sexual dysfunction so Buffy is sent back in time to deflower William. Hee. Fun. NC-17 fun. One chapter.


Slow: A Xander POV short story, looking back on his childhood and friendship with Willow, and the price of being slow as he is going to visit his old friend. Dark and bittersweet that makes your heart bleed for Xander. Not usually an easy job to do for me. Rated PG.


And Miles to Go...: I love cousinjean. In this longish, single part story, she takes the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, and turns it around with Spike and Buffy, detailing her version on how Buffy could've come back from the dead. My favorite myth. My favorite couple. Can't go wrong. Rated PG.

Future Imperfect: In the year 2336, Buffy wakes to find she is humanity's only hope for the future, and Spike is the only link to her past. I don't like to cry in my fic; I got enough of that from the show. This one made me fall in love with it, yanked my heart out, and then pieced it back together in time for the ending. I love cousinjean's writing. She tells a story as well as wraps her reader in the relationship. Rated R.

Hers to Remember: A post/during Chosen fic that is one of her few forays into NC-17 territory. The gang remembers, as does Buffy. Gorgeous. B/S.

Perfect World:A wish made by Spike creates a whole new world for the vampire. Darker than I usually read, but still gorgeously written. Rated R.


That Thing with Feathers: A short story about what could've happened had Willow's resurrection spell for Buffy turned out a little different. Haunting, with absolutely lyrical language. The title is from Emily Dickinson---"Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all." This story breaks my heart each and every time I read it. B/S. Rated PG.


Whatever Happened to Miss Kitty?: Funny, funny, funny. First of all, this isn't a Spuffy story; it's Spike and Willow, so if you don't like S/W, stop right now. Secondly, the entire story is told from the point of view of Miss Kitty Fantastico, so if you've got a thing against the poor cat, stop right there. That being said, I haven't laughed this hard at a fic in ages. This is a S/W with Miss Kitty playing matchmaker. The S/W is actually secondary to my enjoyment of the fic; the poor things this creature goes through in her quest to unite these two had me rolling. Be warned; this fic is not nice to Tara, but I'll bet you laugh anyway. Don't get me wrong; I love Tara but for some reason, in this fic, I just didn't care about her. There are also some very minor grammar/spelling issues, but they don't detract from the enjoyment of the story. I just thought you should be warned. Rated PG to PG-13.

Elsa Frohman

A Cricket from California: Set during season 7, Buffy gets a Christmas present from Willow in the form of a one-night vacation in her dreams, during which time she finds herself meeting a pre-vamp William. Sweet without being saccharine, wonderfully detailed, and could've very easily been dropped into the season without affecting the storyline in any way. I adore this short story (3 chapters) for its portrayal of William and for making season 7 Buffy someone I can care about. Rated PG.

Picture This: A lovely post-Chosen short story from Buffy's POV, as she muses over the snapshots of her life. Elsa's usual lovely prose, portraying yet again, a Buffy I care about. B/S. Rated R.


Aurora: This is Dawn's story, prior to becoming human, as told by Janusz from the Brotherhood of Dagon. HonorH takes a very minor character from the Buffyverse, fleshes him out, and turns Dawn into somebody you can care about. Short story, rated PG-13.


A Strange Turn of Events: A total fluff story (9 chapters) where Spike wakes up to find himself human. The Spike getting drunk section of this story was the funniest thing I'd read in a long time. B/S, rated R.


Baby Steps: An answer to a challenge posted by Kantayra. Going AU after Tabula Rasa, Spike actually listens to Buffy when she tells him to leave. While he's gone, she gets pregnant. This is their story. Told in alternating POV's, this is delightfully charming and true to the character's voices. Rated NC-17.


Memories without Words: Kind of hard to describe this one. It's a futurefic, 500,000 years in the future in fact, and The One brings someone back from the ancient past. Slightly angsty, definitely offbeat. B/S. Rated PG-13.

The Seventh Slayer: Another futurefic from Kantayra where the Council are in war with a group calling themselves the Scoobies. Tons of original characters and an intricate plot makes this a fascinating read. It does have B/S in it, but their parts are minor compared with the future Slayers (and yes I do mean that as plural) who dominate this piece. 30 chapters, including a prologue and epilogue. Rated R.

Double Spiked: The Nerd Trio mess with time travel and Buffy ends up with two Spikes. Know why this one is here? Yep, because of double Spike loving. How can I not include this? 22 chapters. Definitely rated NC-17.

Behind Enemy Lines: Set after season 7 episode, "Showtime," the SIT's sneak a closer look at Spike. As Kantayra says, "Fun and random. Just couldn't resist the urge to use the only characters on the show with the common sense to ogle Spike." Just a humorous little ficlet that actually gives those SIT's some personalities for a change. Rated PG-13.

Katriena Knights

Interlude: A Season 7 short story. OK, PWP. But lovely, really. Delicate prose, and a wonderful ending. B/S of course, NC-17.


Sunlight & Shadow: It's hard to say too much about this fic without giving it away. It's chaptered, but the chapters aren't long. Basically, it's a B/S romance with angst thrown in. Buffy finally realizes she needs the darkness with the light. This one tugs at my romantic heart; I think it's excellent. Rated R.


A Demon's Deal: Five chapters of what could've happened if Spike had come back wrong from his deal in Africa, all told from Buffy's POV. An unusual take on the soul issue, with mahalie's wonderful prose to back it up. Plus, unexpected twists are always a bonus in my book. B/S, rated R.

Spike's Not Quite Evil Night: A fun little ficlet where souled Spike is trying to prove that he still can be at least mildly evil. Rated PG-13.


Home for the Holidays: Christmas in season 6 from Spike's POV. Light and funny, and definitely a pick-me-up. Rated PG.

Season's Six Big Bad: The Scoobies confront the true terror of season six---the writers. A hysterical look at the inconsistences in the characters during season six. Every time I start feeling back about season six, I go and read this, and remember just why I think Meltha is so damn funny. Rated G.

Waking the Muse: Wonderfully fun post-Chosen take on what happened to Spike. In Heaven. One chapter, rated PG-13.


Adversaries: Spike finds himself making a deal to get his chip out, but finds things turn out differently than he'd thought. Long, and involved, with fantastic characterization on the part of both Spike and Buffy. I absolutely adore this story; Miranda involves her readers in her relationships without forgetting she's telling a story at the same time. And I love the ending. B/S. Rated R-NC17.

Soulmates: Another unique plot from Miranda. This starts with the question of Buffy and Spike being soulmates and spins off from there. As usual, it's romantic, it's suspenseful, it's true to the characters. B/S, six very long chapters, rated R-NC17.

Torches and Old Flames: When Miranda's on, she's right on. This is her post-Chosen fic, with Buffy learning two years after the fact that Spike has been resurrected. You can't go wrong with Miranda's stories. B/S, 10 long chapters.


Who's Been Shaggin' in My Bed: A B/S fic told from Andrew's perspective. A hysterical take on Andrew witnessing Spike's discovery of Xander and Anya's tryst in his bunk in Season 7. Not long, and so cute. Rated PG-13.

Sweet Submission: The sequel to Who's Been Shaggin' in My Bed. I normally put stories in alphabetical order under each other, but I switched these around because of the sequel status. What happens when Andrew decides to write his own romantic fiction using Buffy and Spike as models? More funnies from mommanerd. B/S. Rated PG.


Setting Him Free: Buffy and Spike are the only survivors of a plane crash. The catch is, he's there in handcuffs. The story is how they connect and what happens when rescue arrives. Just lovely. On the angsty side, but as someone who's not really big on the angst, it doesn't really seem like too much to me. Rated R.

Waiting for Eternity: Eighty three year old Buffy O Connor makes a nostalgic trip back to a deserted English airbase where she relives the memories of a certain Flight Lieutenant Spike Giles. Another all-human AU from Moxie, and I have to say, even though I knew the ending was coming, I sobbed like a baby during the entire last chapter. B/S, rated R, 6 chapters.

mr. monkeybottoms

The Wacky Adventures of Spike and Buffybot: Warren builds the Buffybot for a girlfriend instead that April, but loses her before she can imprint on him. And guess which of our favorite chipped vamps she imprints on? Incredibly funny, and an easy read that brought a huge smile to my face. B/S, NC-17.

Mrs. Muir

Angels in the Rain: An AU with teenaged hooker Buffy meeting lawyer Spike. A little dark, a lot angsty, but neatly contained into a short story that just begs for you not to be affected by it. Rated NC-17.

Chevy Van: Another AU, this time set in 1976, with a newly graduated Spike going on a road trip in his van, only to give a certain blonde a ride. Very sweet. 6 chapters, rated NC-17.


Come Alive: Everyone's read Nauti, right? Her In Heat series was the very first piece of fanfiction I ever read. This is a short story, set early season 6, where Buffy and Spike take a ride on his motorcycle up a sea-sprayed mountain. A little angsty, very poetic, and incredibly hot. One of my favorites by her. Rated NC-17.


Offerings: A six-chapter offering of one path Buffy and Spike could've taken after she rescued him from the First. Poignant, and heartfelt, with evocative language that really spoke to me. It's rated R at ffnet, but the last chapter borders on NC-17.

Devil Piglet

Roundabout: How Willow's descent in Season 6 should've happened. Buffy channels her inner psycho, and Spike takes Dawn on the run to save her from her sister. And that's just the beginning. Riveting, and terrifying, and heartbreaking, with a wonderful Spike/Dawn friendship and an absolutely horrifying Willow. B/S, 21 chapters. Rated R-NC17.


Bruised and Broken: I never would've thought I'd recommend a story about the AR, but here it is. A short, angsty, heartbreaking look at this heartwrenching aspect of Buffy and Spike's relationship told from Buffy's perspective. Broke my heart. Rated R.


In the Waiting: Oh, my God, I'm recommending an Angel story. This is an outsider's perspective on the characters of Angel, told from the POV of a psychiatrist Cordy and Wes kidnap to see Angel, because they suspect Angelus is back. So intelligently written, with a wonderful study on Cordy, Wes, and Angel (and it even makes me like Angel, who ever could've seen that one coming?). 4 chapters, rated PG-13.

S.J. Smith

Inheritance: Buffy's reaction to the soul, as told from her POV. An unusual perspective done completely in second person, but still sounds like Buffy. Very hard to do and it's done very well here. Short story, probably rated PG-13.

Monuments: A future fic, going AU after The Gift, with Spike in the lead. Very angsty, but not long (only 1 chapter), with lovely prose telling what has happened to all our Buffy favorites in the face of a new war. Rated PG-13.


A Pig's Eye View: A short story where Spike gets rescued from the high school basement by Mr. Gordo, as told from the pig's POV. Trust me. It works. Actually surprisingly poignant, as well as funny and charming. Rated PG.


When Eternity Lies in the Balance: Spike gets tapped by the Powers That Be to restore the way things should be. Set after The Gift, this is one of those classics of Spuffy fic, with a wonderful plot, vivid prose, and a great Spike voice. B/S eventually. Rated R.


The Keeper of Truth: Willow's resurrection spell goes wrong and Buffy ends up returning from the dead in 1998 instead of 2001. A surprise encounter with Spike starts a whole new timeline that Willow rushes to rectify. I love Trisha's writing, pure and simple. It's clean, it's evocative, and she pulls heartstrings without using cheap tricks or maudlin techniques. I literally turned off Buffy DVD's in order to finish reading this story. A love story, through and through. B/S, of course. Rated R.


Fire and Stuff: A funny, excellently written short story on how Spike and Dawn's friendship could've budded. Set between season 4 and 5. Rated R.


The Reward: A short fluffy piece, post-Chosen, on what Spike's reward might have been. I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for this story. It's probably a little sappy, but so romantic and totally gets me. Most definitely B/S, rated R.

Ten Thousand: This is Spike's journey after getting the soul, where he travels across Africa and Europe coming to grips with the changes it is making in him. Spike, Spike, and more Spike, in absolutely exquisite prose. Each chapter is a different travelogue, and though there isn't really an underlying plot, this is about his journey, one that I loved to travel. 14 chapters. Rated PG-13.


Take a Chance: Totally AU, with Buffy and Spike sharing an amazing single night, only to rediscover each other three years later. Now, there are two things I don't read a lot of---AU and Angel characters. This is the exception to both of those. Witchie manages to incorporate many of the Angel and Buffy-verse characters plausibly into this story, with a light, romantic touch. B/S at its core, but with tons and tons of other couples. WIP. Rated NC-17.


Enemy Incognito: An AU season 7 crossover with Angel. Someone's got a sinister plot to take over the Hellmouth and kill the Scoobies. Intricate, extremely well-written, with a great eye for the ensemble. B/S, but very much an ensemble story. This is complete, but she is planning a sequel, which if you read it, you will most definitely agree it needs. Rated R.


Crash: Zyrya calls this "an escapist reworking of Crush," and ohmigod, is it. This is what Spuffy people wish Crush would've been, with all the hot smut to go along with it. She writes an incredibly believable 1st person Buffy POV, with such a fresh take on the sex that it's an absolute joy to read. Three parts, and very much NC-17. B/S.